Chicago & All That Jazz McDermott Кэролайн О'Коннор Caroline O'Connor инфо 9248z.

Содержание 1 All That Jazz (Chicago) 2 Maybe This Time (Cabaret) 3 Two Ladies (Cabaret) 4 Broadway Baby (Follies) 5 Just For Tonight (They're Playing Our Song) 6 New York New York (Newвбцюп York New York) 7 Colored Lights (The Rink) 8 What I Did For Love (A Chorus Line) 9 Money Money (Cabaret) 10 If My Friends Could See Me Now (Sweet Charity) 11 Singin' In The Rain (Singin' In The Rain) 12 Mr Cellophane (Chicago) 13 Anything внйычGoes (Anything Goes) 14 Cabaret (Cabaret) 15 Nowadays (Chicago) 16 One (A Chorus Line) Исполнители (показать всех исполнителей) Лиза Минелли Liza Minelli Шон МакДермотт Sean McDermott Кэролайн О'Коннор Caroline O'Connor.