Государственный Русский музей Альманах, №164, 2007 Matt Lamb Серия: Государственный Русский музей (альманах) инфо 5649o.

Редактор: Евгения Петрова "Peace, Tolerance, Understanding, Hope and Love" - this message is Matt Lamb's challenge for mankind This unique Irish-American artist believes that art can change вбчзпthe world He also argues that we are all artists in our own reality, that each one of us can make a difference through our ideas, expressions and actions Does it sound too crazy? Let's give it a try! Lamb's artworks travel the world and have been shown in many museumвнкахs on all continents They are now presented for the first time in the State Russian Museum in St Petersburg to celebrate a firework of colours and forms Формат: 25 см x 31,5 см Иллюстрации.